Klaatu, barada, nik….*cough* – The dead will live again

I couldn’t resist and got a truck load of miniatures via the Reaper Bones Kickstarter. I mainly plan to use the miniatures for our DnD games, but also for the skirmish game Song of Blades and Heroes (and the dungeon crawler expansion Song of Gold and Darkness).

What would be a beautiful selection of miniatures (around 200 from dragons, to halflings, to wizards to angler fish men), if there would not be a dungeon they can dwell in? Thus I started to scratch build a dungeon interior and started painting up some Wargames Factory skeletons to populate it. They are a fragile bunch, but I like them much better than the earlier Bones skeletons (well, more poses, less static and less chunky). So while I like all the other Bones minis the skeletons had to be replaced. The skeleton sprue has been retooled in the meantime and an issue with breakage of some legs during transport is now resolved.

It follows a group shot of the undead dungeon dwellers as well as a couple of close-ups and soon there will be more posts focusing on the dungeon interior.

Destroy the intruders! How dare they to disturb my slumber.
Come, join us! Photo: Author.
Come, join us! Photo: Author.
Your soul is mine! Photo: Author.
Your soul is mine! Photo: Author.
Fresh air! Photo: Author
Fresh air! Photo: Author

The skeletal mage is a simple kit-bash. His  staff is from the Wargames Factory Orc box, I just put a skull on top of one of the spear shafts.

The soil  is added and does not come with the models crawling out of the ground. Funny note: The guys coming out of the ground are actually the ones which arrived broken in the box. I got replacements for them with no trouble at all (excellent customer service I have to say), but I found it a pity to not use them this way. The box provides the option to depict the guys as if they would come out of the earth (there is a base provided with a bit of structure on).

How did I make the bases?

The soil is actual sand. Just get a shovel from the backyard and sieve it so you get something like fine dust. I then mix this with kitchen herbs, some bigger stones, sometimes some very fine small roots, pigments (only if you want to be very fancy, but doesn’t have to be) and then you add acrylic gel or acrylic medium matt. This paste holds its shape and can be easily formed. When dry it is rock hard and can be dry-brushed, washed or more pigment can be used to highlight it.

Feel free to comment or ask questions if you stumble over this post while surfing the web.

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12 thoughts on “Klaatu, barada, nik….*cough* – The dead will live again”

  1. These guys look great! I’ve got a box of them on their way to me – might even be in tonight’s mail run, I’m hoping. Were the broken ones replaced by your retailer, or by WGF?


    1. Given the retailer went into receivership I contacted WGF directly. The guys there replied fast and did send me some new sprues without problem. I had to supply a picture of the broken sprues, but that is good on their part, as surely some people try to take advantage of their good service.

      You should get the new retooled sprues, so the chance of damage is reduced. They are still quite fragile, but so far stood up well to normal gaming use.


  2. I’ve gone for these instead of the GW skellies, since the price is much better than those in the VC line, and these have better proportions than the 20+ year old (modified) Skeleton Horde sprues still in use for Tomb Kings..


  3. Welp, they arrived, and they look to be in great condition. Now into the pile they go until it’s time for my undead army to be raised! I have a feeling that some of them will make it onto the bases of my Ogre army, though… 😉


    1. I usually prime with Vallejo Polymer Primer and then use acrylic paints. Make sure to wash the columns first. If you want even better adherence use a lacquer based primer. When finished varnish the pieces with a polyurethane based matte varnish.


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