28mm Dungeon Crawl Beer Cellar

Dungeons and Beer – A hearty tutorial Part II

I took a bit longer than expected, but I finally finished the beer cellar wall element. Last time the brick wall was all finished and only the beer barrels needed some paint, so here we go!

I wanted them to look old, so I changed the red-brown basecoat to a grey-brown and added a couple drops of white to the base for the highlights. Once again I use cheap acrylic wall paint. A medium brown without too much red works well as a base. The Hirst Arts barrel have nice, deep wood grain, so they are easy to drybrush. On the left you see the highlighted barrel on the right the barrel before the highlight.

IMG_3900 IMG_3899IMG_3898

Now its time to paint the metal parts. Here I use Vallejo Model Color 179 Gunmetal Grey for the basecoat,  and 177 Oily Steel as well as 171 Silver for the highlights. I mix Gunmetal and the Oily steel about 50:50 for the first highlight and then drops of silver for all successive highlights. All there is to do now is to fix the barrels to the wall segment. I used some UHU all purpose adhesive and it holds very well.

IMG_3930 IMG_3933

All done and time to present the final wall segment with some other Hirst Art bits:

Dwarves keep their beer cellars nice and tidy. After all they have to get down there drunk to get more barrels for the feast, so any rubble would be a potential faceplant.
Dwarves keep their beer cellars nice and tidy. After all they have to get down there drunk to get more barrels for the feast, so any rubble would be a potential faceplant.

Naturally one can get even fancier and add some moss to the barrels and put them on a proper base so that they can stand freely.

IMG_7433If you are interested in the moss technique check out the second part of the Crypt of the Damned tutorial. To get an idea how the walls and tiles pictured are made check out this short tutorial.

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2 thoughts on “Dungeons and Beer – A hearty tutorial Part II”

  1. Really like what you have done, really loads of character, you can almost smell the ale! I went up to one of the GW events quite a while back to do one of their scenery builds. It was a pricey but fun day out to build a dwarven brewery/tavern. This would make a great interior for it. I feel inspired:) Have never got round to finishing it off and getting it painted up as it fell foul of shiny syndrome as I moved on to something else. Feeling the urge to get back to it looking at your stuff. Will have to pop some pics up on the blog. Considering GW is all about pre made scenery kits these days it was actually a bit of a kit bash and some scratch bits. Was done with a couple of the guys who build the Warhammer World stuff so picked up some good ideas. Looking really great, is it for a roleplaying or skirmish game or diorama or just for fun.


    1. Thank you for your kind words! I would be very interested in seeing this brewery, might give me some ideas for a built.

      At the moment I use the dungeon interiour for our DnD 4ed games, but in the long run I would also like to play some SoBaH with the Dungeon add-on or really any ruleset for dungeon crawling. In the end I would like to have a full set of modular 3-D dungeon tiles, matching heroes and a load of monsters to put in it.


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