Battle Cry 2014

Heed the Call – Battle Cry Convention 2014

Nothing compares to spending a hot, sunny weekend packed together with like-minded people in a sports hall playing wargames! Especially if it is a small, relaxed and fun convention like Battle Cry.

Being the major annual convention for gamers in New Zealand’s biggest city (but surprisingly not its capital) Auckland, it surely offered a lot of program: Tournaments for Field of Glory Ancients and Napoleonic, Flames of War, X-Wing,  Epic, 40k and WH Fantasy, Infinity, Kings of War and many more. Boardgames and card games were featured, too, including different Magic the Gathering  formats, Munchkin, a Carcassonne tournament and demo games of new New Zealand made board- and wargames.

I did compete in the two day Field of Glory Ancients tournament this year and will give a report on the format and how my games went in two seperate posts. In this one I will give some impressions of the convention and show you some of the beautiful gaming tables and other attractions.

Many did heed the call for glory and honour.

Impressions of Battle Cry 2014

Given that (Heavy Metal) Battle Cry (Hail, Hail, Hail) focuses more on tournament gaming one does not encounter as many participatory gaming tables specifically made for the convention as is the case with the Hamburger Tactica, but there were surely some very well made tables especially in the Flames of War section.

A beautiful gaming table for 6mm modern created by 6mm Wargaming
The whole table had an impressive size and tons of details. Ckeck out some other amazing stuff on 6mm Wargaming
The Flames of War section convinced with modular setups that still looked very nice.
The trees have rare earth magnets in the bottom of their trunks and can thus be transported easily.

A local club also presented some very imaginative creations made of LEGO:

Well, we all know who that is...
Well, we all know who that is…
Beautifully constructed with intricate details. Take a minute and look at all the small scenes.
Beautifully constructed with intricate details. Take a minute and look at all the small scenes.

On day two my wife came along and had some good games of Dungeons & Dragons playing a bird creature called Rark.

Some open rounds of D&D were offered.
Some open rounds of D&D were offered.

Battle Cry 2014 was a full success and offered something for every gamer. In comparison to the last years the offerings get better and better and quite a number of companies have a stand or offer demo games. I hope the convention will steadily improve and attract even more people all united in their love for gaming!

9 thoughts on “Heed the Call – Battle Cry Convention 2014”

  1. Entertaining game reports! There’s nothing like losing to sear tactical lessons into your hind-brain. I should know (about the losing part).

    That 6 mil moderns game is gorgeous. As is the insane Lego castle.


    1. Thank you! Indeed, Part II will feature more of those lessons :P. I am also well advised to reread the rule book. It is unfortunate that I seem unable to keep most of the rules in my brain between games or forget about stuff. If you follow the links to the other blogs there should be some pictures of a LEGO Battle of Hoth scene.


      1. Yeah, that’s always a challenge. I find I need to play once a month, or so, to keep a set of rules in my head. And it’s really difficult to think about the big tactical picture, if you’re trying to remember the minutiae of a particular mechanic.


    1. Indeed! I have no numbers, but I had the feeling there were more people around then last year. At least the FoG tournament had more competitors this year. Always good if gaming in general becomes more widespread.


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