Castle Ghost, Reaper Miniatures, 28mm, conversion

I can’t feel my arms! – converting Reaper Bones “Spirit” into a Castle’s Ghost

We all know the problem: There is this one miniature you really dislike, but it came as part of a set or deal (read in my case: hoard of Reaper Bones). While you could sell it or sacrifice it to the gods, you could also make the best out of the situation and use your converting mojo.

This short tutorial focuses on converting the Jason Wiebe sculpt ‘Spirit’ 77098 into a more interesting castle’s ghost,  rattling shackles and all.

What you need

  • One Wargames Factory Skeleton sprue for a new purty face and skinny arms.
  • One Wargames Factory Orc sprue, or more precisely, two morning stars,  for the shackle’s chain.
  • Green stuff or other air-drying or hardening modelling putty for the shackle’s cuffs.
  • Sculpting tools
  • Fine grade sanding paper.
  • UHU all-purpose adhesive or a comparable fast setting plastic glue.
  • X-acto knife for some slicy-dicy action.

How you make it

  1. Cut off the Spirit’s head and arms, clean the cut surface with some fine sanding paper. Keep the arms and head in your bits box. I could see the arms on a Zombie base bursting through the soil and the head might look good on a pole.
  2. Select a pair of arms and a head from the Skeleton sprue, remove any mold lines and give the spirit  its new shiny head and hands.

    Head and arms replaced the miniature looks already more menacing.
  3. Using some green stuff sculpt cuffs around the spirit’s neck and wrists. These can be simple bands of iron or if you want to get fancy could also show some bolts.
  4. Take two morning stars from the Orc sprue.
  5. Cut one in half and remove the handle and spiked ball, leaving you with two chain segments.
  6. The second will only lose its handle and the spikes on the ball. Be careful with the chain segment, as it might break apart when handled with too much force. Best rest the ball end on an even surface and shave the spikes off with the X-acto knife.
  7. Now glue the chain segments in place, making sure they are not only attached to the green stuff cuffs, but also rest on the model’s body for more support and stability.
  8. E voila, we have turned a miniature I found personally unappealing in a much more interesting rendition of a castle’s ghost.
Xavim the Betrayer. In life serving only his own ends, in death condemned to haunt the living.

I intend to take advantage of the translucent material this miniature is made from and depict the ghost in the process of materializing on our plane. The upper part will be painted opaque, while the lower part up to the chain ball is supposed to feature a transition from transparent to opaque, same goes for the sleeves of the ghost’s robe, to show is skeletal arms.

I hope this short tutorial gave you some ideas for your own projects.  If you have the same miniature and would like to add more interest to it, please share your conversion ideas and results  in the comment section.

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7 thoughts on “I can’t feel my arms! – converting Reaper Bones “Spirit” into a Castle’s Ghost”

  1. Bloody brilliant. Certainly an idea I’d like to rip off someday if I ever get around to doing anything with that particular Bone.
    Bones? Bones model?
    Regardless, I’m keen to see the painted version now!


    1. Thank you! You are invited to rip the idea off I look forward to your version ;). There are still some half finished minis on the table, but I should be able to get around painting him in the not so distant future.


    1. Never thought about it, but you are right, the “castle” ghost variety is surely something I would connect to Scooby Doo. There are some other miniatures on the table I have to finish first, but I am looking forward to paint this guy up. Now he even has a proper crypt backdrop.


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