Darkness over Cannae – Indigogo campaign to publish an illustrated novel

This time I do not want to write about a project of mine, but rather make people aware of a beautiful Indigogo campaign:

Darkness over Cannae


Jenny Dolfen, latin teacher and artist, made it her goal to publish an illustrated novel about the battle of Cannae.

Darkness over Cannae from Jenny Dolfen on Vimeo.

The project

The novel, evocatively called Darkness over Cannae, will tell the story from a Carthaginian perspective, but still assumes an objective stance, attempting to understand the motivations of both sides.

You can have a read of some excerpts on the official blog of the book project or peruse the artist’s other creations on her atelier website. You will also find plenty of information in the FAQ. Questions about the layout, print quality, historical accuracy and so on are answered and give you a better understanding of what the final book will be about.

The Art

Very important are, obviously, the illustrations. Have a look at these wonderful renditions of Hannibal, Cannae and the Alps crossing:

Hannibal. Darkness over Cannae by Jenny Dolfen.
Nightfall over Cannae. Darkness over Cannae by Jenny Dolfen.
Across the Wild Alps. Darkness over Cannae by Jenny Dolfen.


Price and stretch goals

If you support the Indigogo campaign the bare bone 17 x 24 cm (6,6 x 9,4 inches) in format, softcover, with 144 pages will cost you 19 Euros including international shipping.

If you fancy a hardcover version you need to invest 5 Euros more.

Given the first stretch goal at 5.000 Euro has been achieved, any perk over 19 Euro also includes three art cards.

Three art cards will be added to any perk over 19 Euro. Darkness over Cannae by Jenny Dolfen.

However, if you prefer to read stuff on your Ipad the pdf version for only 10 Euros might be more suitable.

Should the campaign reach 10.000 of funding, a booklet can be added for 6 Euros, containing a making of, concept art, historical considerations and articles by scholars and novelists alike.

There are a number of other perks, giving you the chance to get a signed copy, personalised sketches or even you being drawn as one of the characters in the novel.

Given my fascination with Hannibal and the Punic Wars there is no doubt I will treat my self to this beautifully illustrated book and suggest you check it out on Indigogo.

If you would like to rise awarness of this Indigogo project please feel free to reblog this article or write a short article on your blog. Tell your friends and club mates, spread the word: Hannibal is coming!

Loss reports. Darkness over Cannae by Jenny Dolfen.




7 thoughts on “Darkness over Cannae – Indigogo campaign to publish an illustrated novel”

    1. Thank you for reblogging this. I am usually very careful with what I support on either Kickstarter or Indigogo, but I feel this project is well planned and has a clear goal. If there are any questions not answered in the FAQ the author seems very communicative and can be easily contacted via her blog.


  1. Beautiful illustrations 🙂 I really like Kickstarter/Indigogo campaigns like this; makes me feel glad that sites like that exist to offer opportunities to artists like Jenny to get their work out there and published!


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