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Birds, Tubes and Pins – Social Media Invasion

Dwarves and elves could not be more different, yet they overcome their differences and work hand in hand to smite evil wherever it rises its ugly head, loot dungeons in the search for arcane knowledge and treasure hoards.

Diverse people united by one goal also fits the wargaming community. We all play different games in different scales, but in the end we just want to have fun and be creative. Since I started this blog I got in touch with  a bunch of friendly people, always full of helpful advise and suggestions. The wargaming blogosphere is a very supportive community and the sheer amount of excellent stuff, that would otherwise be hidden away in a basement, one can find browsing the web is just stunning.

Many thanks to all followers and commenters, every single one is much appreciated. With the blog being almost a year old now I endeavour to develop its contents further for many years to come, trying to always improve from post to post.

To enhance the user experience and to provide followers and visitors with a variety of ways to access my content I recently registered with Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. It follows a short overview of what you will find on each of those platforms.


My Twitter stream will feature weekly updates on ongoing projects, that is work-in-progress pictures and the odd scenic photograph I could not fit in any of my posts. The idea is to keep the blog easy to navigate and use Twitter for short news and updates that do not warrant an entire blog post. Naturally you can just ignore the twitter stream if you prefer to just read the blog, but if you like to see what happens behind the scenes feel free to follow me.


Pinterest  allows me to collect my favourite scenic photographs in one place that can be easily accessed by people without needing a Pinterest account. Pinterest also allows easy sharing of pictures with a simple click. I see it as a gallery with some extra functionality. You find a link to the gallery in the top menu bar. Feel free to pin away!


My YouTube channel will feature short reviews, battle reports and tutorials. I will also upload brief summaries of finished projects, featuring some comments about design and construction.

These will be embedded in some of my posts, so if you only have a minute or two you can figure out if it is worthwhile to read the entire article. The clips feature some alternative photographs and music.

There will be two versions: One in German and one in English. The English one features the voice behind the PaintedRogue Blog, so that I don’t have to torment you with my German accent ;). A big thank you to Syl! The German version has to wait a bit longer, as my voice is not as clear in recordings as Syl’s out of any reason.

I’ll start with a short clip covering the Crypt of the Damned:

Let me know in the comment section below how you like the changes and especially how you like the video clip. Suggestions are always welcome and thank you again for being such a great community!

They might have their differences, but in the end they stand together!



6 thoughts on “Birds, Tubes and Pins – Social Media Invasion”

  1. Hear! Hear! on your comments about the helpfulness of the blogosphere.

    The video is very cool, and the voice over is pretty funny. I like the Ken Burns style videography. Looking forward to more of these!


    1. Thank you, glad you like it. No worries, I won’t neglect the blog. The videos are really meant to give a short overview over finished projects. I don’t think i can make one for each an every new post, but rather themed ones. For instance one about trees or desert terrain etc. :).


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