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Nominations for the Wargaming Blog Excellence Award – Let us smite evil together!

I said it before, but it never gets old: The blogosphere is a very supportive and friendly place and it is time to give something back and also tell my readers a bit more about myself.

Some time ago I was nominated multiple times for the Liebster award. I am very grateful that a number of bloggers enjoyed my blog and wanted to share it with other people.

I did not get around to answer the questions asked and to nominate bloggers myself. Thus I decided to finally answers all the question in this post and point out some awesome blogs you might want to check out!

However, I would like to give the nominees the choice of either following the “Liebster” template or to just point out some of their favourite blogs instead, a blog tour so to say.

If you go for the Liebster template you may answer three questions I have for you and nominate up to ten blogs that have fewer than 200 followers.

If you go for the blog tour, whenever you have time, introduce one, two or more blogs you enjoy reading the most and maybe include your favourite posts. I call this the “Wargaming Blog Excellence Award”.

Let’s start with the three blogs that awarded me a “Liebster”:

The Painted Rogue:

The go to place for witty make-up reviews and looks, with a fantasy role play twist. Check also the miniature food out she makes. There is a tutorial in the making :). Over the last year we also set up a cooperation helping each other out with videos, photos and so on. Syl from the PaintedRogue embodies the spirit of blogging: Supporting each other and having a good time!


As the name suggest this blog is dedicated to show people that they can play 40k without selling a kidney. I think this is an excellent approach, as it not only recycles unwanted models, but allows people on a smaller budget to enjoy the offerings of GW.

A Tolkienist’s perspective:

My go to place if I want to read about any aspect of the Lord of the Rings. Obscure, not so obscure, you surely find it on James’ blog in well written and highly informative posts. I especially enjoy his posts on the military systems of the peoples of Middle-earth.

Answer me these questions three…


1. If you would become emperor of the world what would be your first decree?

2. What is it that you love most about wargaming as a hobby and why?

3. You are sent back in time and end up in a period of your choice. However, the time machine is destroyed in the process and you are here to stay.  Which period would that be and what would you do after you arrived?

And now for the other lot:


1. Why did you start blogging/questing?

While I love the interaction and inspiration you get in forums, they are not the right platform to collect and archive one’s work. So I decided to start a blog to have a central place for my projects, tutorials and so on with the certainty to easily access stuff for years to come.
Obviously I am also keen to show off my creations and get constructive criticism, suggestions and general feedback. I think the blogosphere is very supportive, which makes it a pleasant experience to share my work and comment on other people’s creations.

2. After a long and challenging journey, you find your ultimate treasure chest – what’s inside?

Obviously all the miniatures and crafting tools I ever wanted. Apart from a full complement of some armies I don’t own yet, such as Seleucids or Etruscans, I will also find Crooked Claw Goblins, the entire G.R.R. Martin Dark Sword Miniatures range and any Hannibal miniature in existence. On top there will be a hot knife, a laser cutter, a 3-D printer, a 3-D scanner, a vacuum chamber for resin casting and finally a spin-cast machine. Man, that needs to be a pretty big treasure chest…

3. If you could only take one type of rations/food into a month long trip into the Underdark/a dungeon/a desert island/camping – what would it be?

Bread and cheese. Never gets old, never disappoints.

4. The paladin is asking you what your life’s true and noble quest is. What do you tell him?

Being a decent person, finding my place in the world and living a full and happy life. Yes, sounds cheesy, but don’t we all love us some cheese?

5. How did you first get started with your current passion/hobby?

When I was young and impressionable I got myself a starter box of Warhammer. Ever since I was addicted to miniatures. Terrain creation is something I only found a liking to in the past four years. I never really tried my hand at it before, even though it is closely connected to the miniature hobby. Glad I gave it a try at last!

6. You can invite five historical figures to come on a quest with you. What’s the quest, who are the figures, and why did you choose each of them?

A classic dungeon crawl, where in the end treasure and arcane knowledge await the brave adventurers.
I choose Hannibal Barcas as master tactician, so that our fights run smoothly. Scipio Africanus will add some spice and in-party conflict, but together with Hannibal no fight should be too hard for those two.
We have the muscle and combat wits, now we need Archimedes to study obscure dungeon machinery and even come up with some nice gadgets.
Naturally we need someone to write down the epic story of our exploits, so I choose Polybios as our annalist. He won’t embellish our deeds much, but if I want that I would go for Livius.
Finally, we need someone to sing about our adventure at the camp fire. Pindar will be perfect for this and at least in song make us equals to the gods.

7. Which country would you most like to live in/explore (other than the one in which you currently reside/were born)?

I must say Italy. There is enough history there for ten lives and I don’t think I can grow tired of beautiful countryside combined with excellent food, ancient sites and welcoming people.

8. If you could be the wizard, what would be your most-used spell or power?

If I go on adventure naturally “Magic Missile”. If not, “Unseen Servant” to do all the household chores, after all I should rather read tomes instead of doing the dishes.

9. You accidentally put on a pair of cursed boots that make you dance, nonstop. What sort of dancing are you doing?

Hopefully a choreography. The style does not matter. At least then it does not get old if I have to dance until the Priest had a rest and can cast “Remove Curse”.

10. What is your favourite film?

Conan the Barbarian. I love Arnold Schwarzenegger flicks in any case, but the combination of cheese, epic score and engaging story is just perfect.

11. What is your favourite book and author?

I do love G.R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. He is able to create characters that are almost life-like, have a lot of depth and one truly cares for. Oh, and at the moment I immensely enjoy “Darkness over Cannae” by Jenny Dolfen. It is an illustrated historical novel. Well written, engaging and just beautiful all around.

12. Do you have a favourite film moment (could be a scene, a shot, a piece of dialogue)?

The battle at the standing stones in the Conan movie always gets me.

13. Is there a book you’d recommend to others?

I really like Adrian Goldsworthy’s books on the Punic Wars. Well written, balanced and nuanced conclusions not too dry for an academic text and full of references.

14. Any favourite cartoon series you watch (or used to watch)?

When I was younger I enjoyed the “Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears” and other Disney channel offerings such as “Darkwing Duck”. These days there is not much out there that really interests me. I might give “Avatar: The Last Airbender” a go, as it seems to be very good.

15. What is your favourite musical genre?

I really enjoy listening to some classical music, especially Bach, but medieval and renaissance tunes are also very pleasant. I also listen to metal, pretty much anything from old school stuff, like Maiden, Metallica and so on to newer stuff like Killswitch Engage.

16. Do you have a favourite singer or band?

I don’t have a favourite band or singer at the moment, but I enjoy quite some people on YouTube who are not professional singers or musicians, but have their own style and produce some amazing and funny stuff. To name only three: Malukah, Tay Zonday and Eric Kalderon (or Erock).

17. How many models you estimate that you own, fully assembled and painted?

An excellent question. Let’s see: Around 200 painted 15mm Carthaginians and about 20 painted 28mm miniatures.

18. What about unassembled or unpainted?

Well…300 Bones miniatures, around 500 unpainted 15mm miniatures (more Carthaginians and Romans). Finally an assortment of 28mm (Rackham, Dark Sword, Guild of Harmony and so on).

19. How long have you been wargaming for?

I must have been 16 or so, when I got my starterbox of Warhammer, but I only started playing with Confrontation. So maybe 19 or 20?

20. Would you rather A: Be incredibly wealthy but have severe health problems (that money can’t fix), or B: be poor but be in perfect health?

Definitely the latter. All the money in the world does not help you if every day is full of miseryand pain due to your illness. I’d rather be poor and merry.

21. Do you have a favourite mini in your collection?

I like the Gandwarf mini that was part of the Bones Kickstarter very much. Meliador from the old Confrontation game also ranks highly.

Khael Stonekindle (77075)
Khael is a bit bashful, but he does enjoy the attention.

22. What’s the deal with aeroplane food?

I feel they make it out of the refuse left by first class passengers. Apart from that I believe the altitude affects your taste buds negatively.

23. Barbeques or Buffets?

I like a nice BBQ with friends, but a buffets offers more variety. So I say both.

24. If you could magically have a book by you written in an instant, what would it be about?

Model terrain creation or Hannibal Barcas, obviously ;).

Wargaming Blog Excellence Award


Nominees in alphabetical order for the “Wargaming Blog Excellence Award” 😉 or “Liebster”, whatever you prefer:

Arkie Gamer:

I really enjoy his battlereports and beautiful pictures of his table setup. They always remind me of model railroad layouts and must be a pleasure to game on. I also enjoyed is excellent tutorial on bocage, which can be easily transferred to all kinds of other terrain building projects.

Azazel’s Bitz Box:

Azazel offers an eclectic  mix of painted scenery and miniatures. I especially enjoy his articles on stuff he found somewhere around his place, only to present it nicely painted and restored. One of his posts on Dungeon terrain comes to mind, which shows off his painting skills and wide range of interests.

Figuren und Geschichten

This is a German blog, but I tell you right now you don’t need to read anything, just look at those pictures! The most beautiful, most stunning 1/72 miniatures and scenic photographs you will ever see!

I shall point out his Persians, his stunning camel transport and finally his superb Carthaginians.

Grumpy Old Tin:

Not as grumpy as the name suggests, you’ll find some nice old school Orcs and helpful advice for batch painting!


While 40kterminatus focuses mostly on, you guessed it, 40k, there is also plenty off cool stuff for the historical wargamer. Check out his excellent tutorial on how to make a very spiffy Normandy gaming table. He also excels in painting FoW 15mm vehicles.

Napoleonic Naval & Land:

Specialising on 6mm miniatures this blog offers a beautiful mix of historical background, superb painting and nice miniature photography.  I am biased, but I love his Carthaginians! Also check out his Seleucids. Elephants for the win!


I just recently found this blog, but man did I miss out! The 15mm crusaders on display are as beautiful as 28mm.  Check out some more scenic shots of 28mm fantasy miniatures!


I really love his painting style. Something to aspire for, something to get inspired by. I very much enjoyed the Dryanids conversion, but also his Orc rock band!

TinPot Revolutionary:

His blog rocks as do his undead! I just love the scenic shots and vignettes he sets up so skillfully! Check out his Jason and the Argonauts project and his superb undead army!


Naturally I cannot name everybody that inspires me on a daily basis and there are many more awesome blogs out there that I could not include in my short list. Thank you all again and happy blogging!

6 thoughts on “Nominations for the Wargaming Blog Excellence Award – Let us smite evil together!”

  1. I’m loving your answers to these questions! 😀 I think the idea for a Wargaming Excellence Award is really great – the LIebster is nice, but the rules can be a little confining (I totally bent them). Thank you so much for the link love – although I wonder how many of your audience is going to stop by for the makeup looks… 😉 Perhaps I’d better warn Arnan that there will be guests joiining his feast!


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