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In plumbo veritas – Divining the wargaming year

I wish all my readers a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope your spiced ham levels did not exceed your limit and you did not have an unfortunate fireworks accident.

I had both a very relaxed Christmas break and changeover into the new year in good company. I had some time to further my projects and think about future articles on DaggerAndBrush.

As it is tradition (well since last year ;P) I divine my wargaming future using the ancient nordic rite of molybdomancy. So gather your exotic ingredients and an unwanted miniature and join me lifting the veil of the things to come.

Oh and kids, don’t try this at home! Adults only! After all we are handling molten metal.

How to prepare body and mind to divine your future:

  1. Fast for some time and meditate sitting on your pile of unpainted lead or plastic.
  2. On the seventh day of meditation cleanse your body in a bath of goats milk, frankincense and myrrh. While you do this prepare your mind and chant: “Flame for miniature so fatal, reveal my future magic ladle!
  3. Descend to your wizards laboratory. If you do not have one you might want to ask a  friend if you can use theirs.

How you learn about your future:

I made some changes to my setup since last year, all pretty easy to procure ingredients, really, so you should have it on hand:

  1.  Take a miniature that did not quite meet your expectations. A miscast 15mm one is best, but pretty much anything works for our ritual. Like last year it MUST be possessed or desecrated.
  2. Now look for a ladle. I naturally use our family ladle. Last year I told you my grandfather forged it, but new documents reveal that it is much older and was actually in the possession of  Johann Georg Faust. Seems my grandfather took more credit than was due.
  3. Arrange seven, yes seven, not eight, not six, but seven candles made of rendered Basilisk fat around a leather cushion. Demigryph leather is most potent, but only use the back part of the beast and the feathers to adorn your hat/stuff your pillow.
  4. Place the miniature and the ladle on the cushion, chanting the words given above in a deep sonorous voice.

    “Flame for miniature so fatal, reveal my future magic ladle!…Flame for miniature so fatal, reveal my future magic ladle!…Flame for miniature so fatal, reveal my future magic ladle!”
  5. Now place the miniature in the ladle and expose it to the flame of the last candle you placed. You might feel a tingling sensation or hear voices, but disregard them, they only want to mislead you and devour your soul (and may well do so if you used the sixth candle…).
  6. When the miniature is fully molten pour the hot metal in a dwarven cast caldron filled with spring water. To make the water more potent add fresh pedals of the Himalayan mountain rose.

    Pictured: My personal wizard’s refuge.
  7. Remove the metal from the water with gilded pincers and dry it with a silken cloth.
  8. Now place the shapes on the cushion of leather and compare them with the Book of Divination.IMG_0494


The Book of Divination:

The “Book of Divination” is still in my possession, buried deep in my lair to not expose it to prying eyes. I was able to decipher some more pages in addition to the ones I presented last year using state of the art ‘Read Magic’ spells.

  • Slug:  Your painting speed will slow down and your lead mountain will grow ever more imposing/intimidating!
  • Fireball: Your focus this year will lie on spell casters and possibly a Frostgrave warband…or there will be an accident while you work with spray primer…
  • Tears: …of joy naturally! You finish a project that went on for years. You almost gave up, but invigorated by knowing the future you succeed at last!
  • Ear: You decide to be a better listener if it comes to YouTube tutorials and podcasts. Your skills will improve accordingly and your wargaming year will be very productive and entertaining.
  • Crab claw: It turns out that some of your opponents  are crab people. “Crab people, Crab people. Taste like crab, talk like people.”
  • Droplet of blood: You are keen to finish some conversions and cut towards yourself!

My future:

So what is it this year?

Clearly a human ear, a fireball and a slug…or maybe a crab claw.

I see an ear, a fireball and a slug. The last one could also be a crab claw…damn it. Quite a coincidence that the pages I deciphered match the shapes.

So I will build up a Frostgrave warband, listen to more Podcasts and Youtube tutorials and either paint even slower or will be eaten alive by crab people! Yay!

That reminds me, what about lasts year selection? Did anything come true?

IMG_8638I got a Scutum, a troll face and two elven ears and wrote:

I see that 2015 will be the year of the Romans. No surprise, after all the War and Empire Republican Romans will arrive soon and I might even paint up some 28mm Romans for Skirmish games!

I am not so sure about the troll face. Surely devil’s work. The water was not pure enough. This means I might get a lot of ones and failed cohesion or moral tests when it matters the most. Or my opponents will just roll the right number… on a positive note, it could well be a Zombie head. Maybe I will paint more undead then….one can but hope.

The elven ears are really curious. I had no plans to paint many elven kin, but it seems fate has other plans. Maybe Drow are implied, after all I have quite some Bones that might pass as dark elves.

Well, the lead did not lie about the Romans. I began work on my Punic Wars skirmish project and assembled a good number of Romans and Carthaginians.

However, I did not play a lot of games and my dice luck was alright, so maybe it was not a troll face after all and indeed a Gretchin as one of my readers suggested?

Same goes for those elven ears as I did not paint any elves. But equipped with the new pages I can see now that these were human ears after all! The ways of the lead are unbeknownst to man!

What is in store for my readers in 2016?

A Christmas present might spawn a peculiar tutorial further down the road, but it depends how well it turns out. For now  only a teaser, feel free to guess what I do with it in the comment section.


Apart from this there will be definitely more tutorials on different species of trees, such as plane trees, yews and ash.


Following up my earlier posts on crackle medium and AK Gravel and Sand Fixer I will also provide a detailed tutorial on desert terrain, that is dry lake beds, dunes and palm trees will be covered.

Bleached bones and desert terrain go hand in hand, don’t you think?

Finally I will write some tutorials on snow terrain to go with my Frostgrave warband. I thought of some ruins , ice caves and so on.

Khael Stonekindle 18mm Reaper Miniatures Snow Terrain
Khael may look grumpy, but he also looks forward to new Frostgrave terrain featuring him!

In addition interviews and reviews will also be featured with a focus on smaller companies and interesting individuals.

This is my wargaming future and plans for the blog in 2016. If you feel like divining your own future let me know what the lead revealed below.  If melting a miniature is too sacrilegious for you tell me about your wargaming plans for 2016 instead.

Disclaimer: This post is meant as light hearted fun and if you want to do some molybdomancy yourself please make sure you have a bucket of water nearby, protective gear such as oven gloves and protective eyewear and do it in a well lit and ventilated room. This should only be done by adults and children must be supervised. I can take no responsibility for any injuries or loss to you incurred whilst you are doing molybdomancy.

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9 thoughts on “In plumbo veritas – Divining the wargaming year”

  1. A little off-track, but do you have any plans to examine or review the Victrix Carthaginian Warriors and/or Citizen Infantry? I’ve just discovered both, and I’d be quite interested in your opinions on both kits.


    1. I will indeed. I am waiting for the sprues to arrive and intend to publish the review in some point in February. Depends on when I get my hands on them. I will definitly cover the Carthaginians and Romans. Possibly the Iberians and Numidian cavalry at a later stage.


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