5 thoughts on “featured-three”

  1. Happy sunday to you or monday or saturday I am not sure what it is in Australia. I am unsure on something in this photo, is the tree straight behind the stone with the dragon emblem, part of the back scene photo or is it one you have actually made. Is the statue modelled or again part of the photo.


  2. Both tree and well are modelled. The tree is one of my earlier autumnal oaks, that I use in various pictures. The well is the so called Well of Chaos by Reaper Miniatures. Everything behind the oak and well pane is a background picture.


  3. The tree and the well of chaos are really really good, you seem to like the reaper miniatures a lot. I ordered a few of them yesterday, Anirion, Ghost King, Deva, Angel of Protection, Water Weird and Grave Wraith. I thought it was time I had a go at painting minis, some will probably just get turned into statues though.


    1. I got into the First Kickstarter, so have a lot of Bones kicking around. They are excellent for conversions and enable me to practice sculpting etc. with a cheap material.

      I would normally not cut apart expensive boutique miniatures, so the Bones really opened up the hobby for me. If you got the metal versions you will have slightly crisper detail, but I think many Bones are really good quality wise and are significantly cheaper. Some have issues with noses etc. not being properly cast, but I think they improved the material somewhat since the first Kickstarter.

      I believe there will be another one very soon. This may be your chance to get a bunch of minis for little money.


      1. It seems I have missed the deadline for that kick starter, the infestor one, I was only really interested the eggs and larvae though. Oh the brain worm armour looked good too, I assume this is the kick starter you mean anyway.


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