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In the beginning there was lead – Old stuff day

Apparently 2nd of March is a national holiday called Old Stuff Day. To be honest I just heard about it today. But  given I live in tomorrow land and time zones are a thing there is still time to observe this important holiday.

I think it is a great idea to give some of my older posts a second chance and I hope you enjoy my early works. I’ll focus on some posts from 2013 and 2014. I also dug up an old picture  of a Confrontation miniature I painted up something like 10 years ago. So grab a cup of Joe and enjoy.

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In plumbo veritas – Divining the wargaming year 2017

I hope all of you had a very merry festive season with good food, a relaxed time with your loved ones and maybe even some extended hobby time. I also hope you progressed successfully into the new year and did not get caught in an eternal time loop.

I was indeed so relaxed, that I was able to dedicate a lot of time to hobby endeavours and I am now turning them slowly into blog posts. Accordingly this post is a combination of a review of last year and outline what I would like to do this year with the blog.

It would be a shame to forego my yearly tradition to perform the sacred rite of molybdomancy and I am sure the lead will reveal my wargaming fate in 2017.

As always, adults only! After all we are handling molten metal and we don’t want any unfortunate accidents.

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Of Dwarven Steel and Dragon Flame – Tiny Soldiers Forum Terrain Building Challenge 2016

“The Dwarves delved too greedily and too deep.”

Saruman the White

It was in the fateful year 1492 Dalereckoning that I organised a small terrain building challenge in the german speaking Tiny Soldiers forum. Inspired by a recent MDF release and the desire to come up with a better rendition the goal was to build a dwarven mine fit for Moradin!

I shall present the winner of the contest, his well-deserved trophy, and naturally his dwarven mine!

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My soul still seeking for the land of Greece – Sweetwater Forum Miniature exchange 2016

I just came back from a nice relaxing holiday in Apulia followed by an extended stay in Germany visiting family and friends. Finally some time to prepare new blog posts. I thought I keep the holiday spirit alive and show you in one of my next posts how to make some olive trees and mediterranean pine trees. After all Apulia is well-known for its olive oil production and in fact produces a significant amount of the European Unions output. Pine trees are also a common sight on the heel of Italy, together with Thyme bushes, vineyards and cypresses.

This post is however dedicated to the Sweetwater-Forum miniature exchange 2016. A German forum that was and still is one of my favourite places to discuss wargaming, terrain building etc. in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. I’ll show you the miniature I painted and then in another post the one I received.

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In plumbo veritas – Divining the wargaming year

I wish all my readers a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope your spiced ham levels did not exceed your limit and you did not have an unfortunate fireworks accident.

I had both a very relaxed Christmas break and changeover into the new year in good company. I had some time to further my projects and think about future articles on DaggerAndBrush.

As it is tradition (well since last year ;P) I divine my wargaming future using the ancient nordic rite of molybdomancy. So gather your exotic ingredients and an unwanted miniature and join me lifting the veil of the things to come.

Oh and kids, don’t try this at home! Adults only! After all we are handling molten metal.

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Happy Halloween – Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”

The old gravestones were covered in moss still wet from the rain at nightfall. Glistening in the pale moonlight they caressed weathered carvings, indecipherable by the eye. Two tall oaks loomed over the soft soil and each of their steps made them sink in deeper in the morass. Khael and Anirion had trouble to keep the hems of their overcoats from sticking to brush and creepers.

With sorrow Khael realised that his tobacco pouch had become wet, a good pipe now days away when they again lodged in a dry tavern. Anirion did not speak much during the last days. Khael was not too unhappy with this development, his mind clouded by dark thoughts and his overcoat heavy and wet from the rain.

There was a solemn appearance to the rows of gravestones, haphazardly placed, some tumbled over, some lifted by the roots of the gnarled oaks. This was a place where old spirits dwell, long abandoned by the villagers when there was no space anymore for new burials. Rumours had let them here, yet it was Anirion that insisted that they had to visit this place, bound to find the name of the priest that Anirion  encountered all those years ago in an overgrown ruin.

On a narrow featureless gravestone sat a raven black as the tendrils of darkness around them, its beady eyes reflecting the pale moonlight. Its eyes were filled with a primal intelligence, following them as they approached. Deep cut runes spelt the name “Isidor” on the otherwise unadorned gravestone.

Anirion knelt and followed the runes’ outline with his gloved finger. He glanced at Khael, worry written on the old dwarves face. The runes were cold to the touch, even through his gloves he could feel it.

“We have to find him  friend, we must…” Anirion uttered, his voice thin as the wafts of fog closing in.

Spoke the raven with its thin beak: “Nevermore”.

Like a dagger the word cut in their hearts, a heavy burden on their shoulders. Musty bones made their way through the soft grave soil, spindly fingers seeking warm flesh…

With this short intro I wish all my readers a very happy Halloween and I hope you have a delightful day. But what to do on such a day? I hope the suggestions below bring a bit of dread into your gaming and your evening.

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Blog Sale – Spanish summers, Numidian nights and Germanic winters

Dear readers,

as announced in my earlier post I finally established an innitial  ensemble of terrain pieces that will have to go to make room for new projects.  I added a new permanent site to my blog that you can access through the menu bar.

For starters I have some mediterranean, arid and snow terrain on offer. I will add to the items for sale on an ongoing basis. Prices, shipping costs and other information can be found on the new page.

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Molybdomancy – Divining the new wargaming year!

I wish all my readers a happy new year and hope you had a good time, either calm and relaxed with some board games, drink and fireworks or  full of partying till the morning comes.

In Germany (and other Nordic countries such as Austria and Finland) we have an old tradition to divine the future using molten metal cast into the still warm blood of a calf….just kidding, we just use plain old water. This we call “Bleigießen” or in English “Molybdomancy”.

Given the prevalence of metal in our beloved hobby I guess you can see where this is going. So what do you need to divine your future and what did the lead tell me about my hopefully glorious wargaming future?

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Season’s Greetings

I hope that  you all had a wonderful Christmas Day, with good food, good company and maybe even some nice lead under the Christmas tree.

I also hope you did the right thing and kept shopping to a minimum on Boxing Day and just relaxed. We all know how stressful the rest of the year can be, so it is a good time to sit down with a good book or do some light modelling or painting work.

I would also like to thank all my followers and readers for an exciting first year of the DaggerAndBrush blog. Thank you for taking the time to read posts, thank you for your comments and thank you for following my fledgling blog in the first place. I really hope you found and continue to find some inspiration here and can work some of it into your own projects, making your wargaming experience just a little bit better.

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Nominations for the Wargaming Blog Excellence Award – Let us smite evil together!

I said it before, but it never gets old: The blogosphere is a very supportive and friendly place and it is time to give something back and also tell my readers a bit more about myself.

Some time ago I was nominated multiple times for the Liebster award. I am very grateful that a number of bloggers enjoyed my blog and wanted to share it with other people.

I did not get around to answer the questions asked and to nominate bloggers myself. Thus I decided to finally answers all the question in this post and point out some awesome blogs you might want to check out!

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