I believe that anybody can make beautiful terrain or paint miniatures to a high standard given time and aptitude. Unfortunately time is always scarce and some enjoy gaming much more than scratch building terrain or meticulously painting elaborate free hands on shields and robe hems.

This is where this service comes in. My name is Christopher and I am based in New Zealand (from September 2017 in Germany) and my focus is on high quality, small-scale projects for other scale modelling enthusiasts. If you have an idea for some stunning terrain pieces, but you don’t have the time to see it through. drop me a message using the Contact page and based on your ideas I can give you a quote.

Every project is different, but in general I believe that good communication and transparency throughout the process is important. After you send me an inquiry I will give you a quote and fixed price for the project at hand as well as an estimate how long it will take me to complete it. You can then decide if I am the right guy for the job.

Depending on the scale of the project a deposit might be necessary before work begins. During the process I will keep you updated with WIP pictures. After your final approval your project will be shipped.

All terrain pieces you see on the blog and much more can be created tailored exactly to your specifications. My tutorials give you an estimate of the work that goes in each piece and also give you an idea how long it takes to create a similar project you might have in mind.

I am happy to create terrain for any scale, even though I have the most experience in 15mm and 28mm scale.

If you much rather would like to purchase a more simple made-to-order piece, may it be a hill, dungeon dressings or some objective markers, then watch this space, as I will set up a store with one-off pieces in due course.

However, enough talk and let some pictures of completed commissions and other projects speak:

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Questions, suggestions or cool own projects? Comment below.

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