On this permanent page I will collect blog posts pertaining to the different projects I am working on. The page will be updated frequently to allow easy navigation and access.

Later Carthaginian Field of Glory Army  in 15mm

Hannibal in Spain – Intro
Liby-Phoenician Spearmen Numidian Light Horse

Carthaginian Field Camp

Iberian Scutati

Celtiberian Scutati

Dungeon Crawl in 28mm

3-d Dungeon Tiles

Dungeon Dwellers – Skeletons

The Reichsarmee during the Seven Years War in 15mm

The Reichsarmee – Intro

Punic Wars Skirmish in 28mm

Punic Wars Skirmish Board – Intro

Laser Cut Module Frames

Questions, suggestions or cool own projects? Comment below.

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