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DaggerAndBrush now on Patreon – A modelling guide for the intrepid adventurer and more choice rewards

In the past years the DaggerAndBrush blog has become an essential part of my hobby and I really love to write tutorials and articles for you that hopefully inspire and entertain. Without you there would be no real reason to publish content, thus I thank you for your ongoing support, comments, suggestions, discussions and general banter; it does indeed mean a lot to me.

All content on the DaggerAndBrush blog will always be free and there won’t be any paywalls. I would love to publish content more regularly, but real life often prevents me from doing so. I would also love to feature videos and Twitch streams to show you some of the stuff that is hard to explain in writing or with a photo, but both requires significant amounts of time.

This is where this Patreon campaign comes into play. Through your support I will be able to publish content more regularly.   Patreon gives you the choice what to support and when to support, so I chose it as a platform given it is entirely voluntary and community driven. Pledge levels start at 1 Dollar per content post and  you only pay if new content is released. You can opt out whenever you like, no strings attached.

But wait, there is more! (*breathless excitement*) As a Patreon you will receive an electronic PDF scale modelling/painting guide and ultimately a campaign book complete with stories, encounter descriptions, hand drawn maps and ideas for terrain creations. All this is based on the tutorials and articles on my blog. Each time new content is published on DaggerAndBrush Patreons will receive an updated PDF until the first campaign book “In a Forest, Darkly” is finished. Accordingly the PDF is a “living PDF” that will grow with time.

If you would like to help me achieving these goals read more about the campaign below and the fine extra perks for Patreons.

Patreon Reward Tiers – Loots!


  • Squire level:  You would like to see content being released more frequently on D&B, but you don’t want to subscribe at a higher level? Then this is for you. I will endeavor to post at least two content posts a month on my blog and as support grows this will eventually increase to a post a week.
  • Order of the Brush level:  The articles on my blog are free and always will be, but as a Patron you will receive PDF versions of my terrain and painting tutorials, campaign settings and encounter maps with a professional layout, exclusive photos and your name (or nickname) featured in the credits for as long as you are an active Patron. You will also get short video clips illustrating a technique if it suits a tutorial. The PDF versions will often not be exactly the same as the blog posts, much rather they will follow a theme e. g. “In a Forest, Darkly”, “Mediterranean Terrain”, “How to paint Carthaginians” etc. Accordingly I will not always publish the Patron only content alongside the blog post, but rather shortly after or update already existing PDFs adding new content.

  • Chaplain level: The Chaplain and higher reward levels allow you to cast a vote on what I focus on next. This means the guides will reflect the ideas and suggestions of Patrons and are to some extend a collaborative project. You will also get access to high resolution versions of all my scenic photos, hand drawn designs and a selection of reference photos.
  • Sergeant level: If you want a more personal experience, we set up an hour long Skype video chat once a month and you can ask me all the questions you might have about terrain creation and modelling techniques. Naturally email follow ups etc. are included.
  • Hochmeister level: Finally, if you are a company I also have the Hochmeister sponsorship level. You have an amazing new product and you would like me to write an exclusive tutorial that features it? Then this level is for you.You can specifically ask me to feature a build on my blog and as a PDF. Do you have a new line of resin accessories? MDF terrain? Some new product that makes the modeler’s life easier? I am happy to feature them in a tailor made tutorial.You (or your company) will be prominently featured with your name, company logo and photo of your team (if desired). Depending on complexity the tutorial will not be published immediately or will be published in parts. I envisage this pledge level more as a one-off sponsorship tier, but you are welcome to ask for more tutorials if you desire so.

More options are already in the making. If you have an idea for a pledge reward let me know below in the comments, via Twitter or Facebook.

A pig in a poke? – Nope, preview time!

Naturally you may wonder how the PDF guide will look like and what kind of content you can expect to see in it. I went for a modern and clean design that puts the scenic shots in the limelight.

You’ll find a preview of the June release if you click the thumbnail below:

If you think this is for you consider joining the Order of the Brush.

Alternatively, if you are not too keen on the whole Patreon thing you can also use the button below to keep me caffeinated with a one-off infusion.

Finally, if you enjoy my blog and its contents, but at the moment can’t support me, don’t worry. After all the idea is to spread the love for modelling and to defeat Greenfelt the Defiler! Spread the word to recruit other adventurers for this noble course and keep crafting.

If you have any questions or suggestions comment below or use social media to contact me.

No matter what you do, always wield your brush with honor!

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The right tool for the job – Recommended tools for making terrain

You just started making your own terrain or you intend to make your first piece. Excellent! Looking at a gaming table full of your hand crafted terrain is a grand feeling indeed. But which tools should you get before you start or which tools should you get down the road when you gained some experience with this important aspect of our beloved hobby?

Fear not, as I will show you a selection of tools that will come in very handy for pretty much any terrain project. I will keep it simple and recommend a number of tools for cutting and measuring; painting, sculpting and engraving; and tools that are nice to have, but not essential.

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In the beginning there was lead – Old stuff day

Apparently 2nd of March is a national holiday called Old Stuff Day. To be honest I just heard about it today. But  given I live in tomorrow land and time zones are a thing there is still time to observe this important holiday.

I think it is a great idea to give some of my older posts a second chance and I hope you enjoy my early works. I’ll focus on some posts from 2013 and 2014. I also dug up an old picture  of a Confrontation miniature I painted up something like 10 years ago. So grab a cup of Joe and enjoy.

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Of Dwarven Steel and Dragon Flame – Tiny Soldiers Forum Terrain Building Challenge 2016

“The Dwarves delved too greedily and too deep.”

Saruman the White

It was in the fateful year 1492 Dalereckoning that I organised a small terrain building challenge in the german speaking Tiny Soldiers forum. Inspired by a recent MDF release and the desire to come up with a better rendition the goal was to build a dwarven mine fit for Moradin!

I shall present the winner of the contest, his well-deserved trophy, and naturally his dwarven mine!

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My soul still seeking for the land of Greece – Sweetwater Forum Miniature exchange 2016

I just came back from a nice relaxing holiday in Apulia followed by an extended stay in Germany visiting family and friends. Finally some time to prepare new blog posts. I thought I keep the holiday spirit alive and show you in one of my next posts how to make some olive trees and mediterranean pine trees. After all Apulia is well-known for its olive oil production and in fact produces a significant amount of the European Unions output. Pine trees are also a common sight on the heel of Italy, together with Thyme bushes, vineyards and cypresses.

This post is however dedicated to the Sweetwater-Forum miniature exchange 2016. A German forum that was and still is one of my favourite places to discuss wargaming, terrain building etc. in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. I’ll show you the miniature I painted and then in another post the one I received.

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Leafy experimentation – How to Make an Ancient Yew Tree for 28mm Part II

Our yew tree stands already proud, but yew trees are evergreens, so we cannot leave it barren, instead we have to find a good-looking solution to depict coniferous leaves.

In Part I of this tutorial we created the trunk, branches and scenic base of our ancient yew tree. In this second part we will conduct some experiments to find the best solution to depict the  leaves, use some simple weathering techniques to add depth to the foliage and finally fixate it with thinned down PVA or acrylic medium. The last step is to matte varnish the tree and then glorious battle around its trunk can ensue! We will also revisit the fallen branches and add some finishing touches to the bases.

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Measure what is measureable – laser cut profiles for a modular skirmish board part II

At last my plans for a skirmish board set during the Second Punic War can advance a bit more and naturally I am very happy to share this progress with you. Last time we looked at the basics: theming and design of the board, possible materials to construct it, historical considerations (including roman viticulture and villae rusticae)  and miniatures to use with the board.
This installment is all about the laser cut frames for the modules. The design for these has been improved, the material changed from HIPS to Bamboo and it got all very extravagant in the end with the possibility of fancy inlays. All this should be of use for any gaming board you might plan, no matter if laser cut or hand cut.

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In plumbo veritas – Divining the wargaming year

I wish all my readers a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope your spiced ham levels did not exceed your limit and you did not have an unfortunate fireworks accident.

I had both a very relaxed Christmas break and changeover into the new year in good company. I had some time to further my projects and think about future articles on DaggerAndBrush.

As it is tradition (well since last year ;P) I divine my wargaming future using the ancient nordic rite of molybdomancy. So gather your exotic ingredients and an unwanted miniature and join me lifting the veil of the things to come.

Oh and kids, don’t try this at home! Adults only! After all we are handling molten metal.

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Romans Advance! – A Review of Agema Miniatures’ Republican Romans and Carthaginians

Hastati spargunt hastas. Fit ferreus imber.

(Enn. Ann. 8.281)

We are truly spoiled for choice these days if it comes to high quality 28mm Republican Romans and their enemies. They not only come in ‘heavy lead’, for instance Relic Miniatures’ offerings, but Victrix recently added to existing ranges with their injection plastic Punic Wars range. All these ranges have one thing in common: They are all more or less heroic scale, some more on the ‘chunky’ side, others with more realistic proportions.

Agema Miniatures, a small company based in the United Kingdom, could be called the Minden Miniatures of ancient ranges. They are to my knowledge the only company that provides Republican Romans and Carthaginians with such realistic proportions and an almost classical beauty to their sculpts. Notably they offer injection plastic, metal and resin miniatures, combining the advantages of all three materials.  Reason enough to review their plastic and resin Republican Romans range, conversion kits to create Hannibal’s Veterans and a selection of their metal character models.

This three-part review will first focus on the scope of the range to date, sculpting quality,  poses, casting quality, historical accuracy, conversion potential, customer service and value for money. In the second instalment we put Agema Miniatures’ Greg to the question. Finally in part three I will present painted examples with some notes on the colours and techniques used.

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