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Crypt of the Damned – a Soul Shattering Tutorial Part III

The degree in interior design did pay off. The undead completed their new musty home without major incidents (only two groups of adventurers had to be driven off). All that remains now is the covering of the sides, bottom and top with protective styrene sheet.

In Part I of this tutorial the basic layout of the Crypt was created, covering the walls and the floor. Part II focused on vegetation, such as vines, moss, mushrooms and roots.

In this part we will add skeletons for the alcoves, urns, candles and sacrificial offerings.  The reasoning behind my design choices will be discussed and a list of materials used provided followed by detailed step-by-step instructions.

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Klaatu, barada, nik….*cough* – The dead will live again

I couldn’t resist and got a truck load of miniatures via the Reaper Bones Kickstarter. I mainly plan to use the miniatures for our DnD games, but also for the skirmish game Song of Blades and Heroes (and the dungeon crawler expansion Song of Gold and Darkness).

What would be a beautiful selection of miniatures (around 200 from dragons, to halflings, to wizards to angler fish men), if there would not be a dungeon they can dwell in? Thus I started to scratch build a dungeon interior and started painting up some Wargames Factory skeletons to populate it. They are a fragile bunch, but I like them much better than the earlier Bones skeletons (well, more poses, less static and less chunky). So while I like all the other Bones minis the skeletons had to be replaced. The skeleton sprue has been retooled in the meantime and an issue with breakage of some legs during transport is now resolved.

It follows a group shot of the undead dungeon dwellers as well as a couple of close-ups and soon there will be more posts focusing on the dungeon interior.

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