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Iberian Scutati – “Esteemed to be the most warlike barbarians that now are.”

Ancient Iberia and Carthage had a long-standing relationship. May it be trading relations, cultural exchange or military support.  Even more so when Carthage expanded into Iberian territory in the aftermath of the First Punic war to establish a permanent presence and exploit its riches and man power for the dawning conflict with Rome.

The Carthaginians relied heavily on foreign contingents in their armies, with Iberian troops being no exception. They supplied both lightly armed and medium infantry and formed a major element of a great many Carthaginian armies throughout the ages.

In this post I will focus on my mix of Xyston and Corvus Belli Iberian medium infantry, commonly known as Scutati, named aptly after their oval shield, the scutum or its greek equivalent thureos. A historical introduction will be followed by some tactical considerations with regard to using them in Field of Glory. Finally the sculpting and painting of the miniatures will be expounded on.

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Field of Glory army project – Hannibal in Spain

While I started out with a Warhammer third edition box and later moved on to Confrontation, I only really came back into the hobby in 2010 with historical wargaming in 15mm scale. A long standing favourite of mine was the period of the Second Punic war with extraordinary characters like Scipio Africanus and Hannibal Barcas, so I decided to acquire a Later Carthaginian army consisting mainly of Corvus Belli and Xyston miniatures (there are some Old Glory in there, too, but I decided to replace them sooner or later). Field of Glory seemed to be what people play and compatibility to DBx based games was a plus.

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