15mm Carthaginian Army

Field of Glory army project – Hannibal in Spain

While I started out with a Warhammer third edition box and later moved on to Confrontation, I only really came back into the hobby in 2010 with historical wargaming in 15mm scale. A long standing favourite of mine was the period of the Second Punic war with extraordinary characters like Scipio Africanus and Hannibal Barcas, so I decided to acquire a Later Carthaginian army consisting mainly of Corvus Belli and Xyston miniatures (there are some Old Glory in there, too, but I decided to replace them sooner or later). Field of Glory seemed to be what people play and compatibility to DBx based games was a plus.

I came up with an initial army list (click on the troop name for historical background, painting advise and tactical considerations):


1 x C-in-C Inspired Commander [80] – Hannibal Barcas

3 x Troop Commander [105]



1 x BG Iberian heavy cavalry 4 x 12 [48]

1 x BG Celtiberian cavalry 4 x12 [48]

1 x BG Iberian Light horse 4 x 7 [28]

1 x BG Numidian light Cavalry 4 x 7 [28]

Corvus Belli, 15mm, Numidian Light Cavalry, Freehand

Heavy Foot:

2 x BG African Spearmen 6 x 8 [96]

1 x BG Celtiberian Scutarii 6 x 7 [42]

Celtiberians, 15mm, Corvus Belli, Field of Glory, Trees, Wargaming, MiniNatur, Iberian Heavy Cavalry

Medium Foot:

2 x BG Iberian Scutarii 6 x 8 [96] drilled

Corvus Belli, Xyston, Scutati, Scutarii, Caetrati, Elephants, 15mm, Freehand

Light Foot:

1 x BG Balearic Slingers 6 x 5 [30]

2 x BG Spanish Javelinmen 6 x 4 [48]

Birch, 15mm, bark, seamoss, MiniNatur


3 x BG Elephants 2 x 25 [150]
1 x Camp

15mm Elephants Corvus Belli Desert Terrain

Total points: 799

After three years, the army is almost finished. One battlegroup of Spanish cavalry is still missing, one battlegroup of light cavalry and finally one battlegroup of elephants.

However, this is what I have painted so far:


4 thoughts on “Field of Glory army project – Hannibal in Spain”

  1. Excellent work with great shieldwork. I”m a big fan of ancients and your Carthaginian army is beautifully painted. And your staging is perfect as well!


    1. Thank you! I am glad you like the paint job and staging. Late Carthaginians and Hannibal are definitely my favourite army and historical personality. However, I also got some Romans via the War & Empire Kickstarter, so finally I can have a matching pair and even have the Scipios and Hannibal as a 15mm miniature.


  2. Lovely work. The Corvus Belli figures are fabulous & you’ve made a great job of enhancing them further with painting & basing. Super back-drop to stage them on.


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